Team Septembryo are at it again!

When I first approached Michael about working together, I had an idea and so did he. Michael's idea was more fully realized and we made the Septembryo comic. My story was about a group of misfits who come together to form an intergalactic rock band in order to play on the grandest stage in the universe: Earth. I've had this on the back burner for a while, adding elements and stories to grow the universe. I think now is the time to share it with the world.
Tripple Jinx is Michael Hill and mine's newest comic series. It deals with a universe that shuns the arts making it impossible for creatives to pursue their passions. But there is one planet that dreams can come true. It's getting the right people and the journey across the stars to get there that is the adventure.
The story revolves around the band Tripple Jinx and their path from gig to gig earning enough skills and cash to get to Earth to make it big. Think Flight Of The Conchords meets Futurama. We're peppering some of Michael's experiences on the road with his band into this book to give it a unique and authentic feeling.
This will be a ComixCentral exclusive monthly series starting sometime in 2019. Don't know what ComixCentral is? Go check them out and all the insane indie comics available.