dino con

Fall/Winter 2017

Well hello everyone,

Wanted to come up here and give everyone an update on what's been happening lately. Con season 2017 seems to have come to a close. Team Septembryo was thinking we would be in Artist alley for the Calgary Expo Holiday Market, but it got full fast and we didn't make the cut. Although we did get put into the Drumheller Dino Con last weekend and that made a nice capper to the year.
Since con season is done it's back to comic making. With the summer being a mess at my household a lot of stuff was put on hold until now. Michael and I are back to work on issue 4 of Septembryo. We were hoping for a debut before the end of the year, but that ain't gonna happen! We're just gonna have to give you even MORE books in the new year. And what I mean by that is more Septembryo (4, 5 and 6?) and more new stories rattling in my brain. I've been setting meetings with other creators to get some new stuff made in 2018. Horror comics, funny comic strips, sci-fi epics, the list goes on. I'm itching to get back to storytelling and really want to put these stories in your hands.
Just before I packed my bags for Drumheller I got a big surprise dropped on my lap. Dynamite published a Red Sonja pinup in issue 9 of the current series! Damn man! I have a bunch ordered so I'll have those available at my next shows or signings. 
Speaking of signings, I'll be at the newly christened Rebel Comics in Cochrane with my full con set up signing copies of Septembryo, art prints and 'Raw is RAD' colouring books. Since it is October I'm offering $20 #inktober sketches. So come visit and say hi and discover a new comic shop in Alberta.
I've also received my pro badge for Emerald City Comic Con 2018! I'll be back wandering the halls of the Washington Convention Center, showing off my portfolio in hopes of scoring more comic work.
Starting late this year and going into the new year, I'll be creating these new, one of a kind, art pieces. I have a new giant sized 24 page toned paper sketch book at home that will be filled with characters I've been itching to draw. I'm focussing more on sketches, commissions & creator owned comics going forward at cons. I want this "RAD Collection" to be something that the "Hardcore" Art collector would gravitate towards. I'll post more about this in the next few weeks once the list of 24 is finallized. 
And finally, I've been busy with cons I've neglected this space for a few months. That is unacceptable. I've missed out on posting new work and keeping people up to date on my comings and goings. One thing that has gone ignored was my computer. It hasn't been functioning properly since Julyish. I haven't coloured or created anything digitally since before the Montreal Comic Expo. I have a huge stack of new pieces I want to scan and share with you all. I think I can get it done this month and I will share as much as I can with you all and update my shop with new stuff.

Until next time :)