The Line it is Drawn

Hey I did a thing! CBR (COMIC BOOK RESOURCES) does this weekly drawing challenge where they come up with crazy mash ups to create. I saw this challenge and accepted. I put my name in to be 1 of 5 artists in the forum. I've already submitted 2 pieces and now its up for voting on who gets in.
Click this link  Scroll all the way down to vote (I'm the last entrant)
For 2018 I have some big plans and I hope to use this platform to help boost traffic and get my name out there. Those plans I'll reveal very soon.

Thank you in advance and hope we win!

2017 Commissions

Hello everyone,
I've decided I want to officially open up my commissions. I haven't done it through my website before so this will be a trial and error kind of thing. If you're looking to get one the best way to go is to message me in the CONTACTS section of the site. In the SUBJECT, say COMMISSION REQUEST. In the actual message, just say what you're looking for such as character(s) if it's a full body or torso or head shot. If you want it in pencils, inks, grey tones or full colours. I think I'll add a new page where it specifically breaks down how it'll all work and pricing. Until then, check out my GALLERY and you can see past stuff to give you a good idea of what I can do. 
I'll be working on Septembryo issue 4 and catching up on past commissions, so I'll be working on these periodically between jobs. If you intend to get one as a gift please let me know the timeline so I can get it to you in time. Like I said, doing this stuff through here is new so the payment stuff will have to be figured out as I go along. If I find a great way to make it work for everyone I'll post something and let everyone know what's going on.
Until then, hope to hear from you guys soon and get some creative juices flowing!