Marvel Upper Deck GOTG Vol.2 Sketch Cards

I got the go ahead to reveal that all 40 of my Upper Deck #GOTGVol2 Sketch Cards were approved!! I'll be revealing the process shots & finished pieces everyday. My #RocketRaccoon was already found so now the rest are up for grabs. I also have 4 Artist Proof Cards I'll be selling very soon. Here is but a taste of the Oversized 5x7 Box Topper I drew.
My #yyc fans, head to Eastridge Sports Cards & Games to try your luck at scoring one of my cards!
Any fans outside of #Calgary let me know if you find any of mine or tag me if you see them floating in the interwebs! My signature "RAD 2017" will be on the back of them all. If your town doesn't carry these cards, let them know to order them NOW! There are some awesome artists on this set and to get one for yourself is so kick-ass!
I'll be posting individual finished cards and some of the process shots on my Instagram & Facebook.
I am very proud of this set! My first chance to draw Marvel characters with their permission. Let me know what you think.