June 2017

Well hello there!
I haven't talked to you guys in a very long time! It has been a nutty few months and I am so glad it's done and onto the next bunch of stuff. 
First up is Septembryo issue 3. We had to delay it due to being super busy. It's hush hush info but when I can share it you'll understand why. We were going to release it for May 31, but we're pushing it a couple of days to June 3rd during Panel One Comic Creator Festival! A creator owned only comic con in Calgary. If you're looking to start on a new indy comic series, this is the place to go!
Next up will be the Calgary Horror Con, my first trip ever! I'm not a horror guy but I love the imagery that associates with the macabre. I'm sharing my space with Hazzardous Material and selling the prints of the select models featured on their site. I have a few more in mind I want to create so we'll see if I can get them done.
Also adding to my store a few more prints and hopefully more original art. Now, I did a test on the store recently and was a bit deflated. I don't know if any of you have gone to buy something and got sticker shock when you see the total price including shipping. It is really expensive, I know. I searched and researched options and basically for the size of my stuff it is the cheapest option. 11"x 17" posters wrapped in cardboard aren't heavy but big to keep them protected. With that in mind I want to help you guys out for supporting me. Starting today, with every purchase of a print, comic, coloring book, WHATEVER, you get a FREE sketch card of a random character. It could be Wolverine, Batman, Goku, Sally Jesse Raphael, the possibilities are endless!