Time to get dark...

I'll admit, I'm not a horror guy. I've never liked a horror movie. Not like I was scared but just couldn't suspend my disbelief. Although lately I've had an itch to do some creepy, gory stuff. I met up with the leader of Hazzardous Material to do a set of horror inspired prints featuring girls from the group. We shook on it and I've done a few so far. Then another light bulb lit up. What if we took those prints and developed a background story for each. With that came a new horror series!
Stories by Erin Hazzard CraggRachel Hebert,Tiffany Tailfeathers & Lil Cheshire help with scripting and full art myself,  Hazzardous Material presents "Dark Decadence Vol. 1"
4 creepy stories featuring an ancient egyptian queen, a vengeful with doctor, a failed circus ringleader and a mysterious nun. Now I'm a sicko in my own right. I can go to places that are pretty messed up. But, what these girls have come up with for their respective stories, make me blush and get uncomfortable lol. Think of those pulp horror/grindhouse comics and flicks from back in the day. That's why I made sure to put a little notice this book is meant for MATURE AUDIENECES ONLY! With there being 4 stories, I'm gonna experiment with different styles. Give each story a unique feel.
We'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign sometime in the fall. Featuring sweet swag from the Hazz Mat girls and exclusives only a few will be rewarded with.
Any of my followers horror fans gonna get excited for this? Jump into the comments if you are or want to know more. Check out hazzardousmaterial.com for any latest photo shoots (18+ NSFW)