Believe it or not but I actually started my adult life in Television. I went to school to learn how to produce TV. Unfortunately, when I graduated, the production world upgraded and streamlined, which made it difficult to find work. I used the skills I learned and put it towards comics. I can write any script I want and adapt it to any medium I want. Knowing where the "camera" goes to make the best looking visual available. 
Lately I've been seeing a lot of my peers dip their toes into the YouTube format. Doing tutorials or stream their process as they draw. I thought "Why not?" and have joined the ranks!
I'll have reaction videos, comic hauls, tutorials and process videos. Whatever I feel like I wanna share it with you so go check it out!
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I've recorded a few podcasts with "Wasting your Time" with Jon Wilson. We talk about comic book movies, TV and wrestling. Give them a listen!

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