Escaping Falconridge

You’re 18. You graduated high school. It is your time to take on adulthood and become the person you know you can be. One Problem. Make that a BUNCH of them. A family who think and treat you like you’re 5 old. Friends who still want to be 5 years old. How can you move up in the world with a support system like this?


Bobby’s goals are just within reach. All he needs to do is escape his home and neighborhood.

This is Escaping Falconridge.

This weekly comic strip will follow Bobby’s maneuvering through work, applying to post secondary school, his overprotective family and his friends who refuse to grow up. This seems like a pretty stellar drama. It is FAR from that. Think of Larry David from ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ with the Bluth Family from ‘Arrested Development’ and hangs out with the gang from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’

95% of these stories are true. Some were altered to fit the comic strip format or to tell the story I want to tell. It is pretty shocking some of the things that happen in this series. That’s why this is an 18+, NSFW series. If you are easily offended, This strip is not for you. If you enjoy low brow humor or situational comedy with lots of swearing, welcome.