Looking for a personalized art piece? This is the section to get all the info. The break down is simple. 
You can request:

Art that is requested by a client to their specifications. Either one or multiple characters, backgrounds, etc. These are mainly pieces I'll do at home in between jobs that I can take my time on with no real looming deadline. These are mainly more expensive as the amount of work is expected to be higher and quotes need to be made. Quotes are based on a number of factors. Such as size of paper, characters, backgrounds, pencils, inks and colours. The sky is the limit. The only limit here is your budget.

Normally an art piece requested at a convention I am attending. These are meant to be looser and done faster as I don't have the time to put in any amount of details. Since these are done on site the handy dandy price guide (see below) helps in the decision making. I only limit myself to a few every show so it's best to request these before the convention so I can work on them before I come out. These are only done on 9"x12" (half body shots) or 5"x7" (headshots) and the occasional full body. The only time I won't do full body sketches are on blank comic book covers because  

Sketch Cards
This is a mixture of both. I have had a few people request sketch cards in order to keep them put away safely in card books. You can request a commission of one or a card at a show. I have them handy. These are STRICTLY only half body and head sketches. Can't fit too much on a 2.5"x3.5" canvas. You can request all the options like you can anything else. 

To get a better idea on how my pricing works, here is my convention sketch price guide of 2019.

There are multiple options to choose from, depending on what you want to get and your budget.

Convention Sketch Price Guide

Convention Sketch Price Guide


Got it? Great! Let's see what you've got in mind. Please leave me updated information. In the subject, please write whether you're requesting a 'commission' or a 'sketch' and which convention you will be meeting me at. If you have a specific character design (example If you want Spider-Man tell me the version like Ben Reily's suit over the Black Suit) please tell me.


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